Heřman ČadilOnly YOU can be held responsible for preserving and maintaining your health, peace of mind and happiness. It took me years to figure that out.

Heřman Čadil v pořadu ČT Skrytý potenciál

“Heřman has the ability to make people better and that gives me energy and power to take on new challenges. It may be a painful process sometimes, but it´s definitely worth it.”

Ladislav Vilímek, ESTstage

What can I do to help you?


If we want to achieve something, we need to make efforts. We might need help and support to do so. Coaching techniques and trainings provide inspiration and expand horizons. Inspiration combined with intrinsic motivation works wonders.


We are lacking neither inspiration nor intrinsic motivation, though we are unable to achieve our goals. We´ve all been there. I want to lose weight, learn a language, stop smoking … I´ve been there too. I have learned to acquire and practise techniques that help me to achieve desired results. It's all about motivation and self-motivation.


A well-structured and prepared training provides you with useful information, effective techniques and tools. In order to reach your goals, all you need to do is adapt them to suit your own needs.

You don´t need to worry to make mistakes in the training. Training provides you with a safe environment where you may stumble and fall and yet nothing bad ever happens to you. In order to be safe out there as well, it is necessary to be ready and in the know …

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What do we focus on with clients?

When making a summary of topics I intensively discuss with my clients, these were the most prominent ones:

How to be a successul (team) leader?

How to increase customer satisfaction and manage to sell?

Both topics revolve around the way we talk to people. Communication habits are based on learned and automated reactions. Some are innate, some acquired. In order to be successful in both professional and personal life, I believe it is crucial to learn how to handle learned patterns of behaviour. I´d be more than happy to show you how to do it...

What exactly are we talking about?

Leadership vs. Control

  • Why most managers deal with crisis situations?
  • Why people do not listen to managers?
  • What are limiting beliefs and how to overcome them?
  • Why does my boss prefer to do everything by himself?
  • Why do we only exploit 20% of our potential?
  • How to manage a manager´s job in 8 hours?
  • What are my strengths and am I using them?

Sale is not a threat

  • Everyone is a seller but not everyone makes a pitch.
  • How to feel great when selling?
  • What do my clients and customers want?
  • Why did a client say no?
  • What fears does a salesman have?
  • What makes me feel uncomfortable when selling?
  • How to overcome fears?
  • How to sell more and yet stick to my values?

Principles of communication

  • Nonviolent communication
  • Transactional analysis
  • Hypnosis
  • SPIN method of selling
  • Coaching
  • Team coaching

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„Great atmosphere, openness, trust, active involvement, practical training based on real situations, useful feedback. And also an intensive experience that has not diminished with time and return to everyday life and helps me move on in my professional and private life.”

Odlřiška Grézlová, AVL Moravia

„Heřman is an inspiration for me and he was the impulse for my professional and personal development. He is a professional in his field and I fully trust him.”

Lucie Harvancová, VZP

“Heřman can point out room for improvement but he does it with great facility and in a positive way. I really appreciate that.”

Michaela Zedníková, CommScope

“I can confirm that meeting Heřman has significantly helped me change both my professional and personal life for the better. This experience is worth your time.”

Martin Vopat, VZP

“I was looking for a temporary replacement and found a permanent solution. A few years ago I was looking for a substitute lecturer for our regular management meetings and got in touch with Heřman and company BT. After a cautious beginning we found out that our cooperation has greater potential than we first expected. We have quite an extensive amount of work behind us and are planning on new training and education activities. Heřman has shown that he certainly knows what´s what. His nonviolent yet emphatic way of dealing with people also carries weight also with butchers. It is not easy to find a reliable partner. I am glad to have found one in Heřman.

Pavel Holeček, Globus

“Heřman Čadil is definitely among our most important suppliers of company trainings and we really appreciate our long-standing cooperation. Clients require his education inputs and insights because of their real and practical benefit.”

Barbora Poštolková, Hoya

“We have been cooperating with Heřman Čadil for many years. His attitude, ways of working and workshop activities help us change for the better. We can see the changes in everyday work with people.”

Pavel Meduna, Globus

“We decided for an individual training for our company after we had attended very inspiring lectures given by Heřman Čadil and organized by one of our important suppliers. We were excited because Mr Čadil added a new dimension to a company training. It was a team and individual coaching rather than a standard training. The follow-up activity focused on discussing the situations and looking for ways of applying the practical outcomes of the discussion in our work. We learned to indetify the obstacles we create ourselves and which are getting in the way when we want to become the best salespeople and professionals! We continue our cooperation with Mr Čadil because we want to be the best. And my own priceless experience which I remind myself of daily: words well put work like magic!”

Jana Svojaková, TOP Optik

“Heřman has the ability to make people better and that gives me energy and power to take on new challenges. It may be a painful process sometimes, but it´s definitely worth it.”

Ladislav Vilímek, ESTStage

“If I don´t know which way to turn, I am lucky to know who to call for advice. He is an excellent example of “Where there´s a will, there´s a way”. He is a true professional with a talent for enthusing and motivating people.

Lucie Novotná, Pars Nova

About me

“If You Feel Like You Need a Change, Then You Are Right.”

I graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Palacký University Olomouc. So far in my career I have focused on HR management, psychotherapeutic training, individual and team coaching and mediation. I finished my MBA studies at Trent University Nottingham in 2012. I have worked as an HR manager, executive manager and director at several companies. I set up BrainTools Group s.r.o. in 2011, a company that uses its own unique system www.braintools.cz to develop clients’ skills and abilities.

“The opportunity to learn something new combined with what I already know has always been an adventure to me. Once I was able to verify the knowledge in real life, I started to comprehend its true meaning and relevance. I started to understand how things work and that they are closely connected. The knowledge I gained became relevant and useful.

Soon after I started working as an HR manager of a big manufacturing company in 2001, I realized my knowledge of management, management techniques and strategies was really limited and not sufficient for my position. So I looked for information, sorted it out and used in my work. I couldn´t complain about lack of sources or opportunities to learn. What I was missing were clear and structured techniques ready to be applied in practice.

When I decided to change my career and started to work as a trainer and lecturer, I tried to apply those functional and practical techniques. Tools people can take with them and use in everyday work. I want to provide you with such tools on www.braintools.cz. I believe they will help you to achieve your dreams and goals.

Fotografie: Heřman Čadil

My motto:

“Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing or Not, You Are Right.”

Henry Ford


Radio Haná Man without label

Radio Haná doesn´t just offer an interview – it offers something more. Every Monday, we bring you an interview with an interesting “Man without Label”. He will help us live a simpler and fuller life. We will discuss various topics; discover new ways of living and learn how to deal with difficulties and obstacles on our way to a more fulfilling life. Life is too short. So why make it complicated?

Let´s learn what is important and how to invest energy in things that really matter.



Radio Haná presents Monday tea with Heřman. Let´s explore our thoughts together and discover new abilities and potential for personal growth.


Our podcast ...

CZECH TELEVISION (Česká televize) - HIDDEN POTENTIAL (Skrytý potenciál)

Scientific research has shown that 80% of people do not understand and use their strengths; in other words, we all exploit just 20% of our potential.

TV show Hidden Potential demonstrates how to identify our strengths and how to get and stay motivated. You will be provided with practical tips.You can find more information on the programme here.

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